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As everyone works to try and cope and manage from their exposure to widespread trauma and anxiety as a result of the pandemic, mental healthcare options have been stretched to their breaking point. Taking that first step towards addressing your mental health and traditionally been the hardest part of improving mental health and overall wellness in counseling. With limited counselors, cost of therapy, longer wait times, among many others, the hardest step has now been dealt even more barriers in 2022.

While technology has allowed for us to, "get by" and survive, it's my mission to help improve accessibility to mental healthcare and help you live a better and more meaningful life than just getting by.

I founded Uplifted to provide an environment for individuals to improve their overall health and wellbeing free from any judgment. By focusing on the mind and body connection and using an integrated approach to healthcare, I aim to improve accessibility of mental health care and reduce stigma to receiving counseling.

Every individual has a unique set of identities, experiences, and a story to tell. As such, every treatment plan must be tailored for each individual according to their needs. 

While I can't fix the mental healthcare system and its many barriers to treatment, with Uplifted I will do my part to help as any people as I can to provide the best quality of care possible for you or your loved ones.

Thank you and welcome to Uplifted!

How I Can

Help You

Counseling is what you make of it. In establishing a working alliance, the counselor works with you to reach your treatment goals. Everyone has their own unique story and...
Individual Counseling
1 hr
$150 / hour
Individuals must meet with the counselor prior to joining a group in order to discuss group readiness and fit. Groups provide an opportunity to meet others who may have s...
Group Counseling
Prices vary
Physical exercise and activity has been shown to help improve mood and positive emotions. Learn how to approach mental health concerns and issues using exercise styles an...
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