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Your checklist to boost positive thinking

Perspective can shift your entire mood during your day. If you start with a negative event or view, the human mind will act as though you are wearing a lens that only shows negative sights (think of beer goggles). The good news is that these lenses can be updated at any point! -

How do you change the lenses to be a more positive, rose-colored lens?

✔️- Go hunting for good signs and motivation! If you focus on the negatives and dwell on it, your perspective will shift and you will be in a frame of mind that’s searching for more negativity! ✔️- Track your wins! No matter how small they are, identify and wear your WIN like a badge of honor! ✔️- Make a To-DO list instead of a To-DON’T list! List things that are accomplishable in that particular day. If you list HUGE items that are not capable of being completed, you’ll be dreading that line and will have it hanging over your tomorrow! ✔️- Similarly… It’s OK if you don’t accomplish everything on your To-DO list! Stuff happens, and there’s always tomorrow! Be gentle with yourself and be proud of what you were able to get done! ✔️- Do something for YOU! Make your To-DO list have something on it that is pure enjoyment and something that you can do to TREAT YO’SELF!

- As always, if there’s anything I can do to help you get this week started off right, shoot me a message! I’m here for you all!

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