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What the Coronavirus means for your daily routine

Routines are something that we humans love and need in our lives. It's what allows us to have a sense of control over what the day can throw at us. It also allows us to maintain a healthy balance in maintaining our priorities.

Without every day being laid out with a "regular" work, gym, even sleep schedule... What does your daily routine look like?

Social distancing doesn't mean your life must come to a stop! In fact, it means just the opposite. Remember that in order to live fully, you have to prioritize your health.

1. It all starts with SLEEP

Consider sleep the foundation for which to build the rest of your life's routine.

When considering the creation of a healthy routine, consider sleep the first step in the process. Humans need to shoot for 6-8 hours of sleep per night, so what time would be the "best" time to wake-up or go to sleep will depend your actions the night before.

To decide when to go to sleep, consider what you need to accomplish the next day. If you have a phone call to make in the morning, plan as though you managed to get a full night's sleep. Even if you don't have to wake up at a specific time one day, but perhaps you do the next day, plan ahead and maintain your newly established sleep/wake cycle.

It takes roughly three weeks to establish a new "habit" and to have a routine take hold. This means sticking with this sleep/wake routine to have it become your new "normal."

2. Eating habits

Whether you are a "three-meals-a-day" person, or a snacker, plan your meal times as though they are breaks in your schedule. To avoid the #QuarantineFifteen plan these meal breaks to avoid boredom snacking! However, try to remain gentle with yourself. If you do find yourself eating, try not to judge yourself or get upset with yourself. (If you would like to examine your personal eating habits, check the "Dieting" post).

Speaking of managing eating habits...

3. Move your body and burn calories

There is no "right" way to burn calories or exercise. The two key elements to help solidify healthy habits in exercise: get your heart rate up, and have fun.

During the pandemic, you may find yourself surprised as to how much movement was already a part of your daily routine. Whether it was walking back and forth from the front of your office or work place, to the back, those steps add up!

There are TONS of movement options if you find yourself "stuck." Whether it's walking, running, yoga, resistance training, or dancing, find what makes you happy! Kids don't need an excuse to have fun, so why should you? Find movements that you enjoy, and that you feel accomplished after a "workout." If you approach it playfully, you will already be on your way to establishing a healthy routine!

(If you need some ideas to find which type of fun suites you and your movement needs, let me know and I can either help get you started or design a program for you!)

4. Accomplish something

Find at least one thing to accomplish each day. This doesn't mean you need to write a novel or climb Everest every day. But you can still write some pages towards your novel, or climb a local mountain or go for a hike. Create a To-Do list, and whether it's checking-off going to the mailbox to drop off your mail, or if it's taking the dog for a walk, these are all accomplishments. You earn each and every one of those check marks, so celebrate them!

5. Gratitude and excitement

Before going to bed, set aside 5-10 minutes to think about three things you were grateful for or enjoyed doing today. Along with identifying them, think about why they happened, and what you enjoyed specifically about them.

When you wake up, take a minute or two to intentionally think about three things you are looking forward to today. It could be as simple as seeing the sun today, and maybe taking advantage of it and going outside. It could be as simple as diving into a new chapter on a book, or a new episode of #TigerKing.

You're allowed to enjoy the little things in life!

These tips for establishing a new routine are not all-inclusive. Add your own spin on them and remember to be gentle with yourself. We all find ourselves in extraordinary times. You aren't alone in this. Together we will all make it through it.

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